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                  Quality is considered to be the life of INTOP.We inspects each production procedure to avoid defective products, interacting with customers on details at the same time. We track product description, artwork, packing size, product weight and inform the customer of loading quantity. We track and report on factory release. With these high quality standards in all phase of our collaboration, our teams production safety, guarantees to MAKE POSSIBLE THE IMPOSSIBLE.

                  The philosophy and the principles of perseverance, innovation, generosity and gratitude esteemed by our culture make up the spirit of INTOP. This spirit creates a strong team that leads us and customers to success!

                  Try INTOP, try for WIN-WIN!

                   Taizhou INTOP Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd. , located in Wenling city, Zhejiang Province, is a developing professional pump manufacturer.We aims to be a total solution provider for water pump, pump accessories and control equipment. Wide range products and high quality ensure meeting international customers one-step purchasing requirement.It continuously diversifies its products range according to customer needs,now items includes circulation pump,surface pump,stainless steel pump,submersible borehole pump,sewage&drainage pump,pump accessories,garden pump,etc.

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          We are in a stage of rapid growth. We provide a good platform for students and social professionals to enable them to achieve healthy development. Together we create excellent products and solutions. Create value for this society.

          We hope to grow with our customers. We have established a strong cooperative relationship with all customers, partners and suppliers. We bring quality products, quality services and a better world.


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