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          What is a Jet Pump?

          What is a Jet Pump?

          ·         Delivers water and water pressure to a household, cottage or small sprinkler systems
          Circulates water in loop systems
          Is available in several Horsepower (HP) options for different pumping performance rates
          Includes a pressure switch to turn pump on and off automatically


          What are the Types of Jet Pumps?

          Shallow Well Jet Pumps…

          ·         Used when the pump is located above the water source, drawing water from 25' depth to water or less vertically.
          Use a single suction pipe to draw from wells or surface water.

          Deep Well Jet Pumps…

          ·         Are used when the pump is located above the water source, drawing water from 25' to 110' depth to water vertically

          Convertible Jet Pumps…

          ·         Are used for Deep Wells when installed with a jet assembly, built-in or attached to the pump
          Are used when the pump is located above the water source, drawing water from 110' depth to water or less vertically
          Use two pipes on the suction side to draw from wells
          Use a jet assembly to help force water up from the bottom of the well at the source and can fit in 2" or larger cased wells
          Can be converted to shallow well by attaching the jet assembly to the pump using single suction pipe for less than 25' depth to water vertically
          Multi-Stage Deep Well jet pumps operate the same as deep well jet pumps but use multiple impellers to draw water from 260' or less vertically

          Typical Applications

          ·         Mainly used for household water supply from a well, driven point system, or open water source. Pumps should be used with standard or pre-charged pressure tank.

          Pressure Range

          ·         The pressure range indicates when the pump will turn on and off which is controlled by a pressure switch device. Jet pumps turn on and off by a device called the pressure switch (included with all jet pumps). Note: Some Deep Well jet pumps are also known as convertible jet pumps. These can be used for shallow wells, or with deep well applications with the correct jet package. Jet kit packages are required for proper use in all deep well applications.


          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q. How can I determine which style pump I am replacing?
           One pipe between water source and pump indicates a Shallow Well pump, two pipes a Deep Well pump.

          Q. What additional items do I need?
           Jet kit package when using a Deep Well pump. For shallow wells it is recommended to install or replace the foot valve or check valve.

          Q. Do I want thermoplastic or cast iron?
           Thermoplastic is corrosion resistant. Cast iron is more durable.

          Q. Will the pumps operate regardless of the voltage – 115 or 230?
           1/2 horsepower pumps operate on 115 volts only. 3/4 horsepower pumps and above will operate on either 115 or 230 volts. These pumps are factory prewired for 230 volts but can be changed to operate on 115 volts (see owner’s manual)

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