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          Selecting the Right Well Pump

          Read your manual for installation, operation, and safety information. This guide neither supplements nor replaces the Owner’s Manual.

          Selecting the right well pump
          A well pump provides drinking water to your home from a well driven into the ground nearby. When a pump is paired with a pressure tank, water pressure is evened out throughout your home and the number of times your pump needs to turn on and off is reduced.
          Choosing a well pump can be as easy as replacing the one you currently have. New installations or homes with currently undersized pumps, however, may require a little more research prior to purchasing a new pump.

          Before you Shop…
          See the questions below to help you determine the right type and size of pump. For an existing water system, consider the equipment you currently have.

          What type of pump do you have?
          If your pump sits above ground or in the basement, you have a jet pump. This type of pump draws water out of your well through either one or two pipes that run to the well. A jet pump is often combined with a pressure tank.
          If your pump has one pipe going to the well, you have a shallow well jet pump. If it has two pipes, you have a deep well jet pump.
          If you have a single pipe coming from your well and into your home that may connect to a pressure tank, you have a submersible pump. This type of pump is installed near the bottom of your well and pumps water up only when it is needed.

          What size is your current pump?
          Look on the identification plate on your pump to determine the horsepower (HP).
          For submersible pumps, look at your original installation paperwork or carefully remove the pump from your well. If you want a pump that runs less often and lasts even longer, choose a model that offers more power. However, only move up to the next larger size to avoid having too much power for the job.
          Both two and three wire submersible pumps are available - three-wire pumps require a separate control panel (two wire pumps have the controls built in). Be sure to determine if your pump has either two or three wires.

          For a New Installation

          What is the well’s depth to water?
          Look at your well driller’s well report – it should list the depth to water. If not available, you can easily determine depth to water by tying a small fishing bobber to the end of a piece of string. Lower the string into the well until you feel that the bobber is floating. Take up the slack and mark the string at ground level. Remove the string and bobber, then measure the length from the mark to the bobber.

          What type of pump do you need?
          Choose a pump based on your well’s depth to water:
          Depth Type of pump
          Less than 25’ Use a shallow well jet pump
          25’ – 110’ Use a deep well jet pump
          25’ – 400’ Use a 4” submersible pump

          What size pump do you need?
          A typical 3 to 4 bedroom home requires 8-12 GPM (Gallons per Minute). To better estimate how much water your home needs, simply count the number of water fixtures in your home. This includes showers, faucets, outdoor water spigots and water-using appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators and clothes washers. For calculation purposes, each fixture requires one GPM of water flow.
          3 Bath Fixtures
          + 3 Kitchen Fixtures
          + 2 Outdoor Fixtures
          = 8 GPM
          If the pumps you are considering list capacity in gallons per hour (GPH), simply multiply the GPM value by 60.

          You now have the answers you need to purchase a new pump.

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