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          • Diagnosing Pump and Well Problems


            Diagnosing problems with a deep-water well can be difficult. Symptoms of a serious problem, like no water in the house, can be caused by either the well or the pump, and sometimes both. Troubleshooting well problems is also complicated by the fact that almost all the action takes place far underground. Because of this, many diagnoses can’t be entirely confirmed until the well is pulled, which requires lifting the water pipe and the submersible pump attached to it up and out of the well. This is a job that requires careful planning. Here are some warning signs of well and pump problems and how to address them.

          • Selecting the Right Well Pump


            Read your manual for installation, operation, and safety information. This guide neither supplements nor replaces the Owner’s Manual.Selecting the right well pumpA well pump provides drinking water to your home from a well driven into the ground nearby. When a pump is paired with a pressure tank, water pressure is evened out throughout your home and the number of times your pump needs to turn on and off is reduced.Choosing a well pump can be as easy as replacing the one you currently have. New

          • How It Works: Water Well Pump


            If you live in a town or city, you probably don't give much thought to how the water you use each day gets to your house. Even small villages often provide a network of supply pipes that transport water to each home in the neighborhood. All you need to know is how to open the tap at the sink.Move a few miles out of town and the picture can change. While the inner workings are still—thankfully—invisible, your water supply is independent from the neighbor's down the road. Each home has i

          • What is a Jet Pump?


            What is a Jet Pump?·Delivers water and water pressure to a household, cottage or small sprinkler systems·Circulates water in loop systems·Is available in several Horsepower (HP) options for different pumping performance rates·Includes a pressure switch to turn pump on and off automaticallyWhat are the Types of Jet Pumps?Shallow Well Jet Pumps…·Used when the pump is located above the water source, drawing water from 25&#39; depth to water or less vertically.·Use a single suction pipe to dr

          • The Advantages of a Water Circulation Pump for Your Home


            Do you find yourself turning on the hot water in the shower or in the kitchen sink to do the dishes, and then having to wait a while for it to warm up? Do you worry about wasting water and money by doing this? If so, you might benefit from a water circulation pump. Here is everything you need to know about the advantages of such a system, how it works, and the types of water circulation pumps available.Advantages of a Water Circulation PumpThere are several advantages to installing a water circu



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